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Nick-A-Nee's, 75 South Street, Providence, Rhode Island

The Old Time Lounge is a monthly Intermediate/Advanced Old Time music session, occurring every third Sunday, hosted by your friendly Providencians Armand Aromin, Benedict Gagliardi, Michelle Kaminsky, and Alan Bradbury.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to maintain a setting that is intimate, groovy, and doesn't risk getting out of hand and distracting from the melody of the tune, we are making this INVITE-ONLY for percussionists. If the session seems to be getting too big for its britches, we may have people rotate as to maintain said intimacy. This is Old Time Lounge, not Old Time Orchestra! Oh, and please be considerate of other merry-makers around you and don't be a stupid jerk!

Q: Old Time music! Does that mean I can play Irish music all night? A: Save for tunes that are commonly found in both types of music, or the occasional diversion, you may want to find yourself an Irish session, unless you enjoy sore disappointment.

Q: I play DADGAD guitar, but it looks like there's already one here. What do I do? A: First, that other guitarist is playing in standard, so kindly re-tune your guitar. Then, introduce yourself to the present guitar player/s and take turns accompanying the tunes. If you're learning the chords to the tune, watch the accompanist and play oh, so softly. Like, way softer than you think you should. You are learning the chords after all. And for Pete's sake, don't play your cool hip chords unless the other accompanists are in agreement!

Q: Hey, man, I've been waiting and there are too many guitar players here. I want my turn! A: Here's a lifehack for you: learn to pick the melody.

Q: It's been 10 minutes. Why are you still playing this goddamned tune I don't know? A: Sorry, I was busy enjoying this tune so much that I didn't hear you when you asked 8 minutes ago. You probably know it at this point, so try to figure it out and enjoy it with us, otherwise, you can record it and learn it for next time!

Q: I'm a percussionist and while I fully understand that djembe doesn't quite work in Old Time music, I'd still like to get involved. A: Well, my friend, if you'd like to get into the percussive aspect of Old Time music, then I suggest you pick up your feet, head to YouTube, and search for some flat-footing or clogging steps.