Providence Community Contra (with Trip the Light Fantastic)

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Southside Cultural Center - second floor, 393 Broad Street, Providence, Rhode Island

PROVIDENCE 3rd FRIDAY CONTRA DANCE at SOUTHSIDE! @ Southside Cultural Center~2nd Floor.● Wicked fun!! ● LIVE MUSIC! Plenty of partners! ● Gender Free dancing and calling! No experience req'rd! ● Admission $10.00 p.p., Students $7.00 p.p. or $25.00 max for families. ● All dances are taught, No partners are necessary, come alone or with a friend is fine!

NOTES: LIVE MUSIC by "TRIP THE LIGHT FANTASTIC" who are Armand Aromin, fiddle; Alex Cumming, piano; and Benedict Gagliardi, free-reeds, or tenor guitar! Tavi Merill, caller, will teach & prompt dances! ● FREE PARKING behind the building at 13 Bridgham Street lot. ● NO smoking, vaping or drinking but there's plenty of dancing! ● Casual clothing is fine for this energetic activity and footwear is required, best are those that move easily on the floor! ● Q's: Nancy with any questions ~