Flatbread Pizza, 161 Cushing Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02906

Our pub sings are open, inclusive, casual social gatherings where we meet to sing traditional folk songs and patronize our lovely local Flatbread Pizza Company. We welcome a wide variety of songs whether they be bucolic or boozy, maritime or montane, pious or parodical; but we prefer songs that have catchy choruses, refrains, repeated lines, call and response parts or are otherwise "sing-a-long-able". We sing a cappella (sans backing instruments) and primarily from memory. We encourage all singers to break their technological dependencies and rely on brain power (or a personal written songbook) to the best of their ability rather than the zombifying smartphone screen. We find that knowing the lyrics beforehand allows you to better inhabit the song and likewise it makes you question, research, understand, and modify lyrics.

These are casual social gatherings (NOT performances) and all are welcome to join our harmonious camaraderie. If you have a song to sing, come lead it and we'll all join in. If you don't, you can sing along to a bounty of choruses. Come be a part of this thriving oral tradition!

Pub sings at Flatbread Pizza happen every 2nd and 4th Monday, unless otherwise noted. Check our Facebook Group ("Rhode Island Pub Sings") for cancellations and other local folk music goings-on: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1575704726067388/