OUT NOW: Our second album, Fresh From The Board: Music From The Ocean State Songster, Vol. 1, is digitally available on our Bandcamp page.  And worry not, you Lovers of Liner Notes, the download includes a PDF with album information and kickass album art from Dan MacDonald Studios. Stay tuned for physical copies!

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Hi friends, due to COVID-19, many of our gigs are either canceled, postponed, or are now pending. Like many artists out there, much of our income is dependent upon these gigs. One of the best things you can do to show your support in this difficult time is to purchase music! Digital downloads would be the most ideal to avoid in-person contact, but we're not completely opposed to making a trip to the post office. If you want to donate money just for the hell of it, you can direct payments to paypal.me/thevoxhunters or click the donate link at the top.

Thanks and check out our Facebook page and Instagram to see what antics, musical and otherwise, we'll be up to!

Interested in honing your quarantine skills? We're also available for online lessons for the following:

  • Anglo Concertina
  • English Concertina
  • Fiddle
  • Harmonica
  • Harmony (vocal and instrumental)
  • Tin Whistle
  • Ukulele / Clawhammer Ukulele

Cover photo by Anna Colliton.