Musical Feet!: The Next Step

We're a little late to report this, but we've had the honor of collaborating with Kieran Jordan on her second sean nós instructional dance video: Musical Feet!: The Next Step which was released in November. Kieran is as amazing a dancer as she is a teacher and her videos are a must-have for any aspiring sean nós dancer. Playing for her allows us the rare opportunity to not only hear the pulse of trad music, but to see it in front of us. It's immensely enjoyable to fit a jig or reel around Kieran's dancing because you can just about hear the tune in her steps. The dialogue that develops between buttons, bow and feet is, for us, one of the great rewards of playing Irish music. For this video, we we're happy to supply the tunes while she did all the hard work, but who knows, the non-dancing Vox Hunter might be inspired to learn a step in secret some day ;)

We'll be collaborating on another of Kieran's projects on March 11th and 12th -- a performance of music and dance called "Little Gifts".
We're sure there is much more to come from this musical partnership in the future. Stay tuned!